Yellow Yarny Yak

About us


Our mission

Yellow Yarny Yak - YYY was founded years ago - in 2013. From the very beginning, it is simply a manufacture - carefully refined high-quality items

YYY is carefully invented and knitted things for the youngest and not only. We deal with the most labor-intensive. Hand knitting is a very time-consuming activity. We focus on the highest quality and we proudly represent the trends of sustainable fashion and Slow fashion. We design cuts and colors with the assumption of unisex. You can successfully pass on things made by us to younger siblings of the other sex. Yellow Yarny Yak is something more than just children’s fashion, it is the quintessence of minimalist luxury developed over the years.

We make your favorite garments with the possibility of quick shipment. We do a large part of our offer on special request. Largely with care for the environment. Our product warehouse is replenished with small batches, so we are sure that we will do exactly as much as you need. For the environment, it is worth waiting about two weeks for something that you will enjoy for many years. With us you can make the world a better place.

Our values

Quality over quantity
Products variety
Quality check
Positive ecology impact


Giving a laborious item is a way of showing love. Yellow Yarny Yak is a manufacture of carefully thought-out, refined and passionately knitted things by Nowy Sącz knitting machines.

We have children ourselves and we know how important it is to wear clothes and accessories made of natural, certified materials of the highest quality. We use merino wool, alpaca and organic cotton to make our products. After all, a child’s skin is extremely sensitive.

Merino wool fibers are active fibers, they react to the temperature at which they are located. They keep your body warm when it’s cold, and vice versa when it’s hot they cool your body down. Therefore, merino is good for both winter and summer. This yarn has a number of other properties.

Alpaca fiber is extremely thin and belongs to the group of special fibers. It has great thermal insulation properties, warms much better than sheep wool, and at the same time it is several times lighter than it.

All yarns we use are Oeko-Tex 100 certified.