And what about Black Friday?!



During this special time before Christmas, I watch other companies and producers. I can see that some of the companies that want to be seen as sustainable brands are moving away from Black Friday sales. We also belong to a group of conscious entrepreneurs who care about quality, the environment, our employees and fair production. Our prices are dictated by the time-consuming production of handicrafts and the quality of our products. We did not offer any Black Friday discounts last year. We are a very small company, enjoying the greatest interest in the autumn and winter period, and the lack of orders during this period was severe for us. For several days, we have been wondering what to do this year and, however, I am pleased to invite you to pre-Christmas shopping at reduced prices. We are too small a company to go against the tide on this point. Let us fight the mistakes of the fashion world in our own consistent way. And for the whole week we will invite you with the code LOVE-SLOW-F. Because YYY loves her faithful #YELLOWPEOPLE. And I know you love Slow Fashion. To give someone a hand-made gift with tenderness and care is a special thing. Our relatives must feel special at this time. Welcome.