Thick weave merino sailor beanie – Gray with violet



Reversible, benie with a long sailor cut is made of merino wool with no artificial additives. It is very soft, it fits the head. The beanie on one side is smooth at the top. You turn the hat to the other side and you have the other hat. On the other side, we sew a clasp to attach the pompom. All pompoms have the same type of clasp. So you can change them, detach for washing and switch. It’s a cut where everyone looks great. The cap is handmade from Nowy Sącz. The beanie is decorated with a triangular label made of recycled natural leather and a cotton label with the words “for happy cool kid”, “merino lover” or “for you”. Merino wool has thermoregulatory properties.

We make pompoms available in the shop as other products from wool and recycled natural fur. We do not buy farm fur for ideological reasons. Each pompom has a sewn-on clasp that fits over any hat. With a few, you can play with colors and textures.

WASHING: Merino wool can be machine washed at max. 30 degrees Celsius using the wool mode. However, it is recommended to wash by hand in lukewarm water with mild detergents. Merino is a wool with a very strong fiber that does not get felted. Do not twist the cap. Knead excess water in a towel. It is best to lay it flat to dry.

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