Short Mist Cardigan made of combed merino and alpaca yarn

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Urban styling "Urban Heros" by Ania Onopiuk appeared in LUNA MAG

“Before this year comes to an end and January brings us frosty temperatures, let’s celebrate the beginning of winter with cool layering looks. In collaboration with fashion photographer and stylist Ania Onopiuk, we staged the new winter fashion for children under the motto “Urban Heros”, which with urban denim, casual winter clothes and cuddly teddy bears whet the appetite for the cold season.” – LUNA MAG

ADRI MOLLA through the lens ANI ONOPIUK wears the SHORT MIST sweater

Adri Molla in the lens of Ania Onopiuk wears a Short Mist sweater made of combed yarn, an excellent quality blend of alpaca with merino wool and a small amount of nylon thread that holds the natural fibers soft and soft as a cloud. This sweater is useful to me all year round. In winter, autumn and spring we do not take off our sweaters, and in summer we hang out in them until late at night in the garden with friends.

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