Hairband Chunky Braid with alpaca – Yellow



Hairband Chunky Braid with alpaca – Yellow

The Chunky Braid headband is very wide, made of a thick weave and protects against the cold of those who want to put their beanie down for a while. It is hand-knitted by Nowy Sącz knitters, from a high-quality blend of alpaca and merino wool. It is very soft, it does not itch the forehead. It is decorated with a triangular tag made of recycled natural leather.

WASHING: The mixture of alpaca and wool requires only hand washing. Do not wring the headband. Knead excess water in a towel. To dry, it is best to lay the headband flat on the radiator. It is fleshy and is best when it dries quickly. You can lay it flat to dry.

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