Merino Knitted Softness scarf – Gray



Merino Knitted Softness scarf – extrafine merino wool in gray

Merino Knitted Softness scarf is made of merino wool with no artificial additives. This is the highest quality wool, and knitted fabrics made of it do not scratch. Merino wool scarf is very soft. The scarf for kids and adults is a classic English cut like Merino gloves. Scarves are available in many colors and sizes, from baby, through preschooler, school child, also for adults. If your size is not available in a given color, we will make it to order. The neck warmer is made in English rib and matches the color of the Smart Beanie sailor hat and Merino Love gloves. You can color it with all hats, gloves and sweaters made of merino extrtafine from the regular offer.
MINI – for an infant and a child around two years old, but also for an adult if you do not like a lot at the neck, measuring 16 cm x 115 cm
MIDI – for preschool / school children and adults, a 200 cm long scarf with a regular width of 18 cm MAXI – for an adult, a wide and long scarf measuring 30 cm x 200 cm
Merino wool is machine washable. It is a wool with a very strong fiber that does not undergo felting. Do not twist the chimney. Knead excess water in a towel. To dry, it is best to lay the chimney flat on the radiator. It is fleshy and is best when it dries quickly. You can lay it flat to dry.

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