Smart Beanies made of pure merino wool

MERINO wool beanies are the best choice.

Hats made of MERINO wool are the best choice for you and your child. Merino sheep wool has thermoregulating properties and is also used in the production of sportswear. Surely you’ve heard about thermoactive underwear made of merino wool. Yes, the MERINO wool is so soft that you can wear it directly on the skin. In products made of this yarn, the skin does not sweat, and the knitted fabric wicks moisture away. It cools at higher temperatures. You don’t have to worry that your child will feel discomfort even during heavy physical exertion, for example during crazy games in the snow.

Kalinka wearing reversible Smart beanie, Soft Snood and cardigan made of merino wool Cardi No. 1 and Single Moss gloves on string

MERINO wool hats, with a sailor cut, grow with your child and perfectly fit your head

The ribbing stitch used to make the Smart Beanie is very stretchy, springy and works perfectly. That is why the hat for a tiny newborn will also be used in the next season for a one-year-old child. The three-year-old hat will last for many years and will also fit a small woman with a head circumference of 53 cm! The quality of the MERINO wool we use will allow the hat to be passed on to younger siblings. We are sure of this because we wear our hats and scarves for many years.